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VirtualSAN - 1x/2x/4x/8x Fibre Channel SAN Emulator

Fibre Channel SAN Emulator

VirtualSAN is a high-performance Fibre Channel SAN emulator that replicates the conditions and impairments, such as latency and packet loss, found in storage area networks (SAN). With it, that you can thoroughly test your products, devices, and services, in the controlled environment of your lab and ensure that they meet your, and your customers', performance expectations.

Unlike many test environments today, those with a high-performance Storage Area Network emulator have the ability to replicate any number of specific network conditions and truly stress test everything from their SAN Equipment to their Distance Extension solutions.

The VirtualSAN Fibre Channel SAN emulator uses customized ICs to support full line-rate performance regardless of the incoming frame sizes, number of impairments, or the specified parameters for impairments. The emulator is also transparently installed in-line as shown in the diagram below. Together, these two factors work to ensure that no other variable has been introduced into your testing and your results are precise.

With an intuitive and easy to use GUI interface and a very powerful TCL based CLI to aid in configuration and testing, the VirtualSAN Fibre Channel Storage Area Network emulator delivers the industry's greatest performance and precision to ensure that your tests, and your results, are repeatable and reliable.

Save Money Find problems before the product is deployed.

Save Time Precision, performance and repeatability enables faster time-to-market and quicker troubleshooting.

Save Effort Minimize the post-deployment troubleshooting.

Grow Your Business Improve customer satisfaction AND loyalty by releasing a robust and trouble-free product.

Unmatched Performance and Precision

Full line-rate (16Gbps) regardless of the incoming frame sizes, number of impairments, or the specified parameters for impairments
Complete suite of impairments
SAN Emulator - VirtualSAN
  • Delay
  • Frame Drop
  • Data Corruption
  • Data Modification
  • CRC Errors
  • CRC Correction
  • Layer 1 Bit Errors
  • Layer 1 Output Bit Rotation
  • Output (Laser) Disable

Targeted Impairments (including burst and duration)

Target a specific frame using protocol and field drop downs

Protocol Stack Parsing

  • Parses various protocol stacks and also identifies key fields in each protocol layer
  • Create a custom protocol

Traffic Filter

Built-in traffic filter selectively sends user specified DUT traffic for testing

True Single Chassis Multi-User Support AND Simultaneous 1/2/4/8x Operation

  • Four (4) Fibre Channel 1x/2x/4x ports
  • Two (2) Fibre Channel 8x ports

Dynamic impairments (including latency changes)

  • Switch from one set of conditions to another on a single frame boundary without creating random/unintended intermediate network conditions
  • Smoothly change the configured delay in a hit-less manner (without injecting spurious frames or dropping frames, introducing Running Disparity/Code Word errors or causing Link Initialization events).

Ease of Use

VirtualSAN Fibre Channel SAN emulator has an intuitive and easy to use GUI interface as well as a very powerful TCL based CLI
Download VirtualSAN Product Brief VirtualNet SAN -
Fibre Channel
Product Brief

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